The ATTIX 44 dust extractor series sets a new standard for design and feature level of the Nilfisk wet & dry vacuum portfolio. With innovative filtration system, improved performance and robust design, this range represents a superior solution for professional customers looking for a safe and reliable machine with large capacity. ATTIX 44 comes with more suction power, sealed dust system, automatic filter cleaning and several other user benefits – designed to meet the tough requirements in building & constructions and other industries when picking up bigger amounts of dust.

ATTIX 44 offers a remarkable productivity thanks to the automatic filter cleaning system InfiniClean™. The InfiniClean™ system ensures continuously cleaning of the filter during operation using a reversed air-flow pulse, keeping suction performance on a high level. The downtime is reduced significantly, as the container can be filled up without filter maintenance – even in the most demanding fine dust applications. Also the washable PFTE long-life filter minimizes maintenance and reduces the overall service cost. Easy handling and user-friendliness – also when it comes to transportation from one working site to another – are other valuable features for the ATTIX 44 dust extractor. All models offer flexible storage solutions for tools and accessories, so everything you need is at hand.

InfiniClean™ – Automatic filter cleaning system with minimized performance loss PTFE long-life filter with non-stick membrane and minimum 99.9% filtration efficiency Dust class L certification Unique dual filter solution available with HEPA filtration. 42 liter container with steel castors and robust bumper. MultiFit accessory system for the ultimate in task flexibility Flexible rubber straps, tool box storage and optional trolley handle for convenient storage and transport Optional motor cooling filter, exhaust air collector and Long-Life filter bag


Ağırlık (KG)16
Uzunluk x genişlik x yükseklik (MM)565x385x605
Ana filtre tipiPTFE
Elektrik kablosu (M)7.5
Hava debisi (L/DAK.)4500
Vakum (MBAR/KPA)250/25
Maksimum güç (W)1400
Iec güç miktari (W)1200
Şebeke bağlantisi (V/~/HZ/A)230/1/50-60/16
Çalışma ses seviyesi (DB-A)60
Hazne hacmi (L-MAX)42
Filter cleaning systemInfiniClean
Yumuşak başlangiçVar
Anti-statik sistemVar
Otomatik açma/kapama – elektrikli aletlerVar
Motor hiz kontrolüVar
Aksesuar muhafazasiVar
Ekstra duyVar
Hortum ve kablo tutucuVar
L-class hazardous dust approvalVar
Disposal bag 1 pcsVar
Fleece filter bag 1 pcs.N/A
Tool box storage systemN/A